Here are some important steps to consider:

– You want the ignition OFF when you’re under the hood

– The latch to open the hood is along the bottom left when you are in the drivers seat. It will have the symbol of a open hood (not to be confused with an open trunk)

– That will open the hood a small amount, you then have to find the small lever and push it left while lifting the hood

– While the hood is up, locate the PROP ROD (stick as mentioned in video) and locate where it fits to prop the hood open

– Its usually found with an arrow in the metal pointing to a hole

– Place the rod in the hole and now the hood is opened

– Remove the rod by lifting the hood and pulling out the rod and attaching it to where it was found

– Slightly flick down the hood when you want it closed so you get more momentum making sure it is fully closed

Here is a short video from our staff to show you how:

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