The cameras are located on the front grill, both side mirrors, and above the license plate in the back.


– Press camera to see in front of you as well as a birds eye view

– Press camera to cycle through to the next view of the side view of your vehicle

– When in reverse it will be the same as the others except for seeing behind you rather than the front

– When you press the camera button once you see behind and the birds eye view

– Another press will show behind and the right side view

– Another after this will show a full rear view

– The red, yellow and 2 green lines indicate distances either in front or behind your vehicle

– Red being 1.5 feet, yellow being 3 feet, 1st green being 7, 2nd green being 10 feet approximately

– The camera won’t be displayed if you are going above 10 kms

– MOD (moving object detection system) detects objects close to vehicle

– If anything is detected, a yellow frame will appear around screen

Here is the How-To Video on how to use the 360 degrees camera

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