Some features include; the add home button, points of interest, specific destination, finding a certain intersection, and saved locations within your address book

Here is the How-To Video on the main options of the navigation system

Different features on the navigation settings:


– You can access the settings area by pressing the setting button on your vehicles display, where you then press navigation

– From here you can change map settings: dual map view, left side view, map icons, others (personalization)

– Guidance settings allows you to change the guidance voice on and off, volume, etc

– Route preference allows you to make the route you are on more personalized by allowing the driver to choose a route to be the fastest one, most energy saving or shortest distance. This setting is also where you can choose to not use freeways, toll roads or time restricted roads.

– You can also change whether you want a speed indicator on your navigation display or a speed limit warning (allows sensitivity to warn you at a certain speed)

– Address book allows you to keep certain destinations saved for your convenience, as well as a customize POIs button

Here is the How-To Video on to change the setting of the navigation system

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