As all Canadians know, our winters can get pretty cold. Our roads become piled with snow, covered in ice and backed up with traffic due to the cold. These conditions can even have some drivers have to result to stop for any number of reasons. In case of these events, we here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill is writing this post to have drivers aware they can pack a small kit for such emergencies. These items can be easily stowed away in your car’s trunk and can save you when you are in a time of need. Nissan Canada actually sells their own brand of winter emergency kits and are available through Alta Nissan Richmond Hill. Call our store and say you are interested in one and we can have it imported for you!

  1. Ice scraper / snow brush

– This item is essential for all Canadians, with the snow and ice building up on your vehicle you are going to need this to clear it and effectively see while driving.

  1. Sand / salt / traction aid

– How many times has your car been stuck in slush and snow? Hopefully zero, but in case the worst happens, a traction aid to get your car free by giving the wheels something to grab is a life saver.

  1. Booster cables

– A dead battery in winter is not uncommon when it’s freezing outside. Having the cables can at least prepare yourself for if it happens rather than hope someone around you does.

– There are even portable battery booster cables that can charge your vehicle without the use of a second source.

  1. Road flares or warning lights

– Stopping in winter, especially on the highway, is dangerous. At night it’s hard to see other vehicles stopped and accidents do happen. Making yourself visible to other drivers is a necessity when stopped. With reflective orange road flares or lights you can make yourself that much safer from oncoming traffic.

  1. Antifreeze and windshield washer fluid

– Nothing is worse than using your wipers fluid just to have nothing come out on a freezing night with ice on your windshield. Keeping a jug of these allow you to be prepared in case you run out sometime.

  1. Flashlight and batteries

– It’s dark on winter nights. Simple as that. You need to see what your doing when you’re stopped for whatever reason it may be.

  1. First aid kit

– Hopefully you will never use it, but for the chance you desperately need rubbing alcohol or bandages, a first aid kit would come in handy in your vehicle. It should include a seat belt cutter in case your belt is malfunctioning or you need to get out of it fast.

  1. Small tool kit

– Having a wrench or screwdriver could mean the world if you need it while on the road. This also includes your jack and wrench for changing a tire.

  1. Extra clothes and footwear

– If your clothes or footwear get wet or damaged, you don’t want to be in them any longer than you should. Having extra allows you to change and be ready for the weather.

  1. Blankets

– Have enough for you and passengers just in case. Winters are cold and no one wants a chill.


  1. Heat packs

– Small packets that heat up without a power source can help your feet and hands keep warm.

  1. Non perishable foods and water

– Staying hydrated and fed is essential for everyone. If in an emergency, you would want some source of food and water if you’re stuck for a while.

  1. Phone battery pack

– Packs to keep in your car to charge it enough to make a call or get yourself out of a sticky situation.

  1. Emergency candles and matches

– For when all electronics aren’t working and the sun is down. Having candles can provide lots of light, and since they are emergency candles they last longer than average ones. The matches are universal and can be used for any fire related solution.

  1. Tow rope

– If your vehicle is in a ditch or snow bank, a tow hook, accompanied with a separate car, can pull yours out and recover your car.

  1. A good gym bag

– To hold all these items you would want a reliable gym bag instead of having the items sprawled about your trunk.

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