With the legalization of cannabis within Canada, it’s important to realize there are still rules in place for using cannabis and driving. The laws set are similar to the laws related to alcohol, but they do have serious penalties. We at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill emphasize to NOT smoke or consume cannabis and drive. Being like any drug, it still delays your reaction time and increases your chance at being in a collision. Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles) while your ability to do so has been compromised to any degree by consuming alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two.


If a police officer finds that you are impaired while driving from cannabis you can be served very serious penalties, like you would if it was alcohol instead. Some penalties include:

  • An immediate license suspension
  • Financial penalties
  • Possible vehicle impoundment
  • Possible criminal record
  • Possible jail time


People with legally authorized medicinal marijuana can be let off with no charge if the officer is satisfied with the information and identification of said authorized marijuana. But, if the officer believes your driving has been impaired due to the substance, you can face penalties or even jail time.


Young, novice or commercial drivers 21 or under, and hold a G1, G2, M1, M2 license have a zero tolerance of any alcohol or cannabis in their system while behind the wheel driving. As of July 1, 2018, young, novice and commercial drivers are prohibited from having any presence of cannabis in their system as well as other drugs that can be detected by an oral fluid screening device. That means that Ontario has a zero tolerance approach to both alcohol and drugs for all young, novice and commercial drivers.


If you are going to use cannabis, we urge you to think ahead and not get behind the wheel while impaired. It is the same as alcohol where it really does impair your judgement and it is still very much illegal to drive with it in your system. Many lives have been taken in the past due to impaired driving. To show Canadians are responsible with this new recreation, Alta Nissan Richmond Hill strongly believes that we need to remember the risks, the cost and the outcomes of what can happen. Stay safe on the roads and enjoy cannabis responsibly!

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