Tires are made to gain traction on the road so your vehicle can move, the certain amount and design or treading will drive differently depending on the conditions of the road. Each of the summer, winter and all-season tires have their pros and cons to them and what areas they excel at. Alta Nissan Richmond Hill do tire swaps by our professional factory trained service technicians and sell factory made Nissan tires for both the warm and cold seasons.

Summer Tires

These tires work best in the summer due to their softer rubber compound and are typically given large tread blocks to give the most contact with the road. Summer tires generally have more grip in both wet and dry conditions. However, when the temperatures turn from warm to cold, the softer rubber compound makes the rubber harder and harder to gain traction. Within cold weather, these summer tires don’t grip the road well at all when there’s snow or ice on the road or even when there isn’t. Stopping distances are greatly increased and turning is hindered as well. In the winter, they feel more like hockey pucks than tires. They are called “Summer” tires for a reason.

 Winter Tires

In cold temperatures, the winter tires strives. They are made with deep tread pattern with thin cuts across the tread. The deep treading allows superior snow on snow traction and grip on colder surfaces due to the rubber compound and treading. When the temperatures are low, winter tires are the sure choice. However, they are much noisier than regular tires, plus it can do damage to local pavement. Winter tires in the summer wear out the tire tread much faster because of the warmer weather and drier road conditions, meaning you will have a bare tire sooner than you’d want.


All-Season Tires

Most of the new cars out today are equipped with all-season tires since they work well in both dry or wet roads, or roads with light snow. In Canada, there isn’t too much of a difference of a summer tire to an all-season tire. If anything, the all-season tires offer more grip for colder conditions compared to the summer tires. They also have a longer lifespan of a summer or winter tire.


Alta Nissan Richmond Hill has both winter and all-season tires available for purchase and installation on your Nissan vehicle. As a limited service offer, with every winter tire package purchase there will be NO CHARGE for the installation. This offer expires October 31st 2018, don’t wait too late! Winter is coming and winter tires are a must in Canadian weather.

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