Here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill you can order either online or by phone the type, brand and size of the specific tire you want and we can have it shipped to us! If you aren’t sure what tire is best fit for you, you can simply ask the service or parts advisor to give you their opinion on the better brand or type of tire for you and your vehicle. Best of all, once you’ve ordered your tires, we will install it, rotate and balance your wheels at your appointment date! Only one trip to our dealership and we do all the work while you relax.

 Tire Types / Packages

For those who don’t know which tires are available or fit their vehicle, here is a reference of our winter tire packages and deals for you to see which are available for the selected Nissan vehicles. *Prices Do Not Include Wheel Weights Or The Ontario Tire Tax.*


As you wait for your tires to be installed for you, you have access to a comfortable lounge area with reading materials, television and refreshments such as tea and coffee. Not to mention the Alta Nissan Richmond Hill staff who makes you feel welcome to our dealership.



While you wait, you can be sure you’re getting the best work you can on your vehicle. With trained professionals removing and replacing your tires you needn’t worry about whether the job is done right, we pride ourselves in our work and output for you the customer. With factory brand and nissan brand equipment we work to the best degree to make sure your vehicle has no faults. Even if you don’t own a Nissan, we can import the tires of your desire and install them the same quality as it would be Nissan.



We have factory trained technicians who specialize in the maintenance of Nissan vehicles and parts. They know the correct procedures, problem areas and techniques to achieve the best job they are capable of doing for you and your vehicle.

Tire Advantage

Overall whether you choose to purchase your vehicle’s tires from another competitor or from us here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill, we hope you pick tires that will aid you this winter and not some that will be too cheap and not worth the money. Our main goal is to make sure you, the driver of your vehicle, is safe on the road. Our main priority is to have high quality tires to protect you from the winter elements. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of work / product, because no one knows your Nissan like a Nissan dealer.
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