Witnessing an accident

Stop your vehicle in a safe area

    It is important to pull over to the side of the road out of harm’s way from both the road and the collision in front of you. You do not want to park close to the collision as well, the vehicles involved could be damaged in a way where it could catch fire, so it is wise to park some meters away.

 Check victims

    The first thing should be to check the victims once you exit your vehicle. Check whether they are hurt or are in need of assistance. It is important not to move an injured person, if you do so it could cause additional injuries. Although, the vehicles conditions are worsening to a point where you must leave, then try to move them as gently as possible.

 Call the police

If the collision looks bad enough call the police. Emergency services will be en route to your location soon with better equipped aid and can stabilize a situation. If the collision or accident is life threatening, definitely call the police. It is important to note as well, just because you “assume” someone else has called, you should still call yourself in the case everyone assumes another person has called.

 Give a statement

    When the police arrive to the area, give them a statement of only relevant facts about the scene and what happened. Reporting what you saw and what you believe happened is very important. In a few weeks you may be contacted to be a witness by the authorities or insurance claim agents. Be honest and consistent with your statement.

Being apart of the accident

Stop your vehicle

If it is safe and you are not hurt badly, move your car to a safe area and exit the vehicle. If you do not stop you could be subject to criminal prosecution. If your vehicle cannot move or you yourself cannot do it, then turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers. Make sure your car has stopped completely and make sure it is safe to get out of the vehicle.

Call the police if there is lots of damage

If the damage is substantial or potentially life threatening, call the police. Make sure you call the police even if you “think” someone else has. An emergency team should be there shortly.

Check on other victims

    If it is safe to do so and you are not injured, exit the vehicle and check on any others affected by the accident. If someone is hurt, it is best not to move them much for the risk of injuring them more. If everyone is relatively okay and the damage is minimal then you can deal with the rest without police

Document the scene

   It is in your best interest to use a camera or smartphone to record or photograph the damage and scene in case of insurance claims or tangible evidence of what happened.

Record information

    Ask what happened and collect data on all stories and sides. License plate numbers, driver and passenger names, insurance information, makes and models of the vehicles involved, locations as well as the name and badge number of any responding officers. These are just precautions in case you need to remember a specific thing about the accident. Try not to argue with other drivers or passengers as well, save your story for the authorities when they arrive.

Call your insurance company

    Call your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them what happened and ask for the next steps in this process.

Preparing in case of a next time

Roadside emergency kit

    Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but a roadside emergency kit can help you in many, many ways. With items inside like flashlights, blankets, food, matches, or even a first aid kit, they can come in handy in times of an emergency situation. Nissan Canada actually sells their own Nissan brand emergency kit which we here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill can order for you and your vehicle.


Regular Maintenance

    Was the reason to the crash a faulty or worn down piece of your vehicle? You can prevent that from being sure you have the needed tune ups and maintenance for your vehicle. Our technicians at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill are factory trained and have lots of experience finding, repairing and replacing faulty or worn down parts. We would be happy to book an appointment for you.

Right tires

    The tires you have on your vehicle are very crucial to stopping and gaining the correct amount of acceleration. If the treading on your tires are worn down, it makes stopping even harder to do, and with winter conditions it becomes a danger. Be sure you have the correct seasonal tires and treading by coming to Alta Nissan Richmond Hill where you can pick up both all-season and winter tires.

Pen and paper

    Although it seems like a small way to help you, a pen and pad of paper can come in handy in many emergency situations. Writing down information is a vital part of making sure you have all the information of an accident if you do not have a smartphone or camera available.


We at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill hope you will never have to use any of these tips within your driving careers, but it is an excellent thing to know for the unfortunate chance of a traffic collision. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention on the road, be prepared and stay safe.

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