Statistics show that roughly every 7 seconds a car is stolen in Canada. In 2016 there was 78,849 reported stolen in Canada, these are the reported ones, the number is most likely higher because of unreported statistics. There are many ways to prevent car thefts in Canada, and within this short article we will show you some tips to deter or prevent your car from being stolen.

Lock your doors

The simplest solution is often the one people forget about most. Most thefts happen because they have easy access to the vehicle or items inside the vehicle. When the access is gone, most will move on in search of an unlocked vehicle where they can get inside without any trouble. By locking your doors you can have a first line of defense against thieves.

Double check you locked them

So you locked your doors, good job! But did you really? An extra click from your key fob when you aren’t sure is much safer than assuming you did the first time.

Keep your windows closed

Even with your windows open a small amount, it can be exploited to fit something into the vehicle to get it unlocked. Something such as a coat hanger, piece of plastic or any similar object can be used to slide its way into the car and unlock it. Keep your windows up when you exit your vehicle.

Keep valuables out of sight

If you have your laptop, phone or valuable items on your seats or dash, it becomes more of an incentive for a thief to break in and take them and even the vehicle. If you keep your valuables out of your vehicle while its unattended, it is the safest way to make sure it will not be stolen. If you have to keep it in the car, stash them under your seats or trunk where it is out of sight.

Use a garage

If your home has a garage, you can hold your vehicle there while you aren’t using it at home, which makes it harder for someone to break into both the garage and car. Plus, the garage provides a type of cover where people can’t tell if it is in there or not on first glance.

Park in well lit areas

While parking at night you shouldn’t park in a dark area with not many people around where someone can break into a vehicle sneakily compared to a bright area with many people around who can see a person breaking in. When parking you want to find somewhere like a populated parking lot with lots of light, people walking about and security if available. Well lit areas are typically watched with more security than a darker area.

How we can help

At Alta Nissan Richmond Hill our top priority is our customers safety, and the safety of our customers belongings. Have have available Nissan certified Wheel Locks that deter thieves with a specially designed lock that fits only a certain type of nut, which in essence, makes your wheels and rims harder to take off without ruining the nuts. Bigger vehicles require a different version of the Wheel Locks and for most common vehicles there is a standard Wheel Lock. We currently have some in stock but if you would like to make an order, please call our number 1-844-287-2599 and speak with our parts department who would be happy to order them from Nissan Canada for you.

 We also have Security + Plus Anti-Theft technologies which combines a clearly visible warning label with permanent, pre-registered numbers embedded on body panels throughout your vehicle to make it a less attractive target for thieves. The pre-registered number adds your vehicle to a national database to improve its traceability. The “Police Traceable” window decal will make it obvious to potential thieves that your vehicle is registered and help convince them to leave your vehicle alone.

In the event your vehicle is stolen and then recovered, you will be reimbursed for your Security + Plus Anti-Theft purchase. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days or is recovered and declared a total loss by your insurance provider, your selling dealer will provide you with a discount of up to $5,000 towards the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle from their available inventory.

Keeping our valuables and vehicle safe is a huge responsibility to have when cars can be compromised so easily these days. Having the right precautions to deter thieves from your possessions are a must in today’s society.

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