Tap into more of our cutting-edge driving technologies with Nissan Intelligent Power. These eco-friendly powertrain innovations deliver zero tailpipe emissions, without compromising performance. Find them at the heart of the all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF, our most advanced electric car yet, and the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.


The all-new LEAF comes loaded with EV innovations like the revolutionary E-Pedal. Nissan created it to make driving simpler and more enjoyable. Using just one pedal, you can start your car, speed up, slow down and stop with ease. Take your foot off the E-Pedal to engage regenerative brakes that recharge your battery as you drive. It’s a smarter, more sustainable way to coast around town. It is currently only available within Japan.



The Nissan Leaf is a purely electric vehicle what now uses a 40kWh battery. Being light and compact, it eliminates the need for weighty engine components. That means you feel all 236 lb-ft of torque kick in the moment your foot hits the pedal. With up to 242 km of range, this powerful new battery is ready to push the bounds of what’s possible on the road.

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