Stopping Distance

Winter tires when compared to all season tires have huge differences in their stopping distance. Winter tires can reduce your stopping distance by 25% in icy and snowy conditions. All season tires are not meant to replace winter tires, their materials freeze under the freezing point of the outside temperatures, which then makes them slide like hockey pucks rather than stop.

What Does the Tread Do?

Winter tire tread allows more traction for your vehicle’s wheels to grab the road whether there is icy or snowy conditions. It allows your vehicle to accelerate smoother and brake easier compared to the common all season tire which usually slides instead. The tire tread, since it is deeper than all season tires, has more grooves and even some tires have a winter wear indicator which can tell you whether the tread is still high enough to drive with.

Tread Depth

The bigger depth of a tires tread mean the better it will be with traction and handling in snowy or icy conditions on the road. With the original tread depth of a new tire being 10/32”, you can feel the difference of performance by 6/32” which is still a legal depth. Although, most tire specialists will say to replace them when they get to 4/32” due to its lack of performance of stopping and handling within the winter season. The longer you wait to replace your tires, the more wear it will endure, which in turn makes it less of a safe option for the winter season. Once they reach 2/32”, they should not be on the road and you should swap in your tires for a fresh new set so that you can be safer within the winter conditions. Alta Nissan Richmond Hill is also currently running a promotion where when you purchase a set of tires you can be entered into a ballot where you can win your tire price balk to you! Come in or call our service department to find out more. (November 1st – December 31st the promotion will be available)

New Depth Tread – Approaching Winter Wear Indicators – Approaching Tread Wear Indicators

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a huge component in handling and control of your vehicle. When the temperature drops, so does the air pressure in your tires. You should check your pressure on them once a month to make sure they are filled to their optimal levels. You can find out how much pressure your tires need by checking: the sticker on your drivers side door jam, the owner’s manual or the trunk lid. It’s proven to best check the pressure when the tires are cold, either right when you start driving or when you’ve let it rest for a few hours is most preferable. If you want professional look at your vehicle’s tire pressure, you can come into Alta Nissan Richmond Hill and our service department would be happy to help you.

 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This system within select Nissan vehicles actually senses when the tires have reduced air pressure and can tell you which ones specifically need to be filled. This system is available on the Nissan Rogue, Pathfinder, Sentra, Versa, Frontier, Armada, Murano, Altima, GT-R, 370Z, 350Z, Quest and Cube models. When tires run low on air pressure, the dashboard lights up your display telling you when this happens. With the Easy Fill Tire Alert that comes with the monitoring system, you can fill your tires to the correct amount by having the vehicle “chirp” at you letting you know when it’s filled to the correct amount, or even if you’ve filled it too much.

Winter Tires On All 4 Wheels

Can you just put 2 winter tires on your front wheels and leave the other two? You shouldn’t! Drivers in rear wheel drive vehicles who put just 2 tires on the rear wheels will be able to accelerate fine, but for stopping and steering in the front, you don’t have the same traction control. As for front wheel drive vehicles, just 2 tires in the front will cause the rear to have little traction which can lead to a rear end skid.

We here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill believes a good set of winter tires should be installed onto any vehicle driving in these winter conditions within the GTA. As stated before, we have a promotion currently from November 1st to December 31st where you can win back your money after buying your set of winter tires with us! We hope everyone is safe on the roads this upcoming holiday season.

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