Fog is a thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended within the atmosphere that reduces visibility. It is created when the humidity makes water evaporate and then turn to vapor. Driving in these conditions could potentially be dangerous if you aren’t paying attention to the road due to obscured vision. Here, we will provide you with a list of tips to prepare yourself for safely driving within the fog.

Slow Down

The best tip to follow while driving in fog is to slow your vehicle down. Normal speeds are just too fast for when the fog cloud is thick, being slow means having more reaction time for traffic or hazards occur.

 Don’t Use Your High Beams

The tiny water droplets in the fog will reflect the strong high beam light and make it harder for you and others to see. Low beam headlights however help other drivers see you because of the less reflection.

Stay Focused

While driving in a fog, it is important to not be distracted with music, texting, food or anything that would lose your focus on the road. Keep your attention on the road and its conditions before you.

Leave Room In Front Of You

Leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you to give yourself some more braking time. Harder brakes require tires with strong tread that can bring you to a halt fast if need be. Also, if the conditions are wet with the fog, you will have to rely greatly on your braking distance and tire tread depth and the physical wear on your tires. You can have our service technicians here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill check the depth and tell you whether they are safe enough for the roads and our parts advisors can also order new tires for you if they are worn down as well!

 Don’t Use Cruise Control

It is a good idea to have full control of your vehicle while your visibility is reduced and to avoid any unsuspecting surprises.

Remember Your Windshield Wipers And Defrosters

Moisture and ice on your windshield can create glare while you drive. Avoid the glare by clearing off your windshield with your washer fluid and using your defroster for ice. For assistance on how to fill your windshield washer fluid, here is a video from the Alta Nissan Richmond Hill staff.


These are just a few tips to follow while on the road in fog. Remember to be safe and cautious while driving and to remember that while in fog, everyone is having the same issues as you. They have reduced visibility as well and may or may not be following safe tips for the fog.

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