here are many pros and cons while driving either a manual transmission vehicle or an automatic transmission vehicle. The main points of whether one would be better would be that manual transmission vehicles are less expensive and more involved while automatic transmission vehicles are easier to use and more comfortable. Learning how to drive manual is a useful skill to learn incase you need to get somewhere but the only option is a manual car, automatic cars may be more popular but it helps to be prepared. While these points can be argued, they serve as a basic look at why someone would want to drive one transmission over the other.

Manual Transmission

Better Control. Manual transmission vehicles offer better control by choosing the best gear for the speed and situation you are in. They sometimes end up shifting too high of a gear which wastes engine power, but they are built to respond to conditions you encounter which makes driver have to anticipate every move and condition while they drive. In some cases it is seen to be more fun as well to drive.


More Fuel Efficient. The engine of a manual transmission vehicle is less complex, have more gears than automatic and weigh less. It is known about manual transmission vehicles that they can save a driver 5% to 15% on their fuel costs because of these reasons. You get much more kilometers out of your tank with a manual transmission. Although with new advancements with automatic transmission technology, more and more automatic vehicles are becoming just as fuel efficient as its manual counterparts.


Cheaper To Maintain. Manual cars require little maintenance and can be significantly less costly when maintenance is needed. Although, if its the clutch that needs to be replaced or damaged, it could mean high trouble for the vehicle. Automatic vehicle do not need to worry about this since they do not have a clutch.


Less Expensive To Purchase. While shopping for a vehicle, manual transmissions tend to be cheaper than a automatic vehicle. Usually, a manual transmission vehicle will cost about $1000 less than an automatic vehicle in most cases. However this is not guaranteed.


Less Likely To Be Stolen. While most of the newer generations opt toward the automatic transmissions while driving, not as many people know how to drive with a manual shift. This can mean a car thief could be more likely to be deterred when faced with a manual. Although this as well is not a guarantee since a certain thief could possess the knowledge on how to drive a manual vehicle.


In our inventory at here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill we have 2019 Nissan Qashqai’s that are available in manual transmission that have standard heated front seats, Apple Carplay/Android Auto, Blind Spot Warning, rear view monitor and much more intelligent features.

Easier To Use. It takes time and practice before you can get a handle on a manual transmissions clutch system, but with an automatic vehicle, you can do less steps while driving which makes it easier on the driver. It takes drivers usually less time to learn how to drive automatic rather than manual.


Easier Use In Heavy Traffic. While with manual transmissions you have to change gears depending on certain speeds. Within heavy traffic, there is much more work in changing between the lowest gears, it becomes a difficult nuisance very quickly. Automatic vehicles allow drivers to move through heavy traffic by using a single pedal which makes it in turn that much easier.


Greatly Reduced Stalling Risk. Within automatic vehicles, stalling would only occur if there was a mechanical problem within the vehicle. While in manual transmission vehicles can be stalled commonly and that could be embarrassing.


Hilled Areas Are Easier To Drive Through. Navigating steep inclines in a manual transmission can be tricky, but in an automatic, it is not a problem at all and can climb and descend hills with ease.


Less Manually Restrictive. The safest way to drive is with both hands on the wheel. With a manual, you need to be constantly changing gears with the shift so it is not as safe as an automatic where both hands can be placed on the wheel.


Within our inventory here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill we have our majority of vehicles as automatic transmission. We have sedans, SUVs, crossovers and even sports vehicles. The new 2019 Nissan Altima is specifically impressive because of its redesign of the exterior and tech savvy features like it’s Intelligent Mobility tech. Intelligent Mobility includes; Intelligent Forward Collision Warning,  Automatic Emergency Braking and Intelligent AWD.


Which Is Better?


When deciding which transmission is better, it comes down to the driver and what the driver values to be more important and what their preferences are. If you are a new driver that wants an easy time driving, then an automatic would possibly be a better option than a manual where more experienced drivers could prefer. It comes down to what you learn on and whether you like the feel for one or another, or both! Here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill we have both new and used automatic and some manual transmission vehicles ready for purchase.

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