The Nissan IMs Concept vehicle was displayed on January 14th 2019 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Nissan Team showed off its sleek design and spacious interior to the press to show what kind of future they were planning and to show what they could achieve with their Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology. The “elevated sports sedan” takes advantage of the packaging, platform and powertrain technology developed through Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Being purely electric, the battery is located under the body, which elevates the cabin height. “2+1+2” seating architecture with pivoting front seats and a rear seat that either offers three-across seating, or, once the slim rear outboard seats are folded, an indulgent “Premier Seat” in the rear center, making you feel like you’re sitting on a throne. The IMs fully includes the 3 pillars of Intelligent Mobility: Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power and Intelligent Integration.

Invisible-to-Visible: Merging real and virtual worlds

“Further enhancing the IMs is its unique connection to the virtual world, which Nissan calls Invisible-to-Visible, or I2V. It refers to a 3-D interface where the real world converges with the virtual world. A platform developed by Nissan, I2V helps vehicle occupants see what may otherwise be “invisible,” adding confidence and excitement to the vehicle experience.

The opportunity to “see the invisible” is made possible with Omni-Sensing technology, recently announced by Nissan at the CES trade show. The IMs is connected to real-world sensing information, which is gathered and reflected from the virtual world, and displayed before the driver and passenger’s eyes for a rich mixed-reality experience. People will also be able to connect with each other through the virtual world and Omni-Sensing.

For example, the technology can help drivers see the around corners, visualize precise information about traffic jams – including causes – and determine alternative routes for a stress-free journey. Drivers may even enjoy the company of a “passenger” from the virtual world in the form of a three-dimensional augmented-reality avatar inside the car.” – Nissan News

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