There are too many cases of people starting their cars to warm them up in the morning and having the car stolen by leaving it unattended. Having your keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked without you inside or close to the vehicle are sure fire ways for car thieves to easily drive away with your vehicle while you’re inside being none the wiser.

Calgary Alberta Case
Crimes like this do happen! Just on January 15th 2019 a vehicle in Calgary Alberta was turned on to warm up while its owner left to go back inside. While the owner went inside, a man from across the street in a separate car got out and simply drove the vehicle out of the driveway because it had the keys in the ignition, as well as being unlocked and unguarded. Click here for the video and full story. Within the pictures below, the first shows the owner leaving their vehicle while the other two are of the thief approaching and opening the door as his accomplice waits across the street.

It is recommended that if you are to warm up your vehicle, you should be inside it with the doors locked, use a spare key with the doors locked or a Remote Starter.

The main threat of warming up your vehicle is leaving it unattended while unlocked. Nissan actually has a feature available on their keys where you can Remote Start your vehicle and it will heat or cool depending on the outside temperature while being locked and with your keys still in your hand.

Remote Start

The Remote Start feature is currently available on two Nissan sedans and two SUVs, the 2019 Nissan Altima, 2019 Nissan Maxima, 2019 Nissan Murano and Nissan 2019 Pathfinder. Although some older models also have the Remote Start function as well. The Nissan Leaf has a similar function as well but within the NissanConnect app where you can heat or cool the vehicle from there. The best part about the Remote Start feature is that it warms up your vehicle in the morning with the doors locked, so you can be in your home getting ready to leave and have your vehicle start itself and set the temperature accordingly.

We here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill can also order and install a Remote Start button on your keys for your Nissan vehicle as well! The standard Remote Start has the same range as a remote for a television, but there are other improved key Remote Starts that can reach up to 3000 feet. Our skilled factory trained service technicians install it for you making the process very easy, while the price of the standard Remote Starter itself is $75.00. Come in or call to inquire about our many parts and services!

We even have an article and video on how to use the Remote Start button on your keys for a Nissan.

If you have a Remote Starter on your vehicle, use it in the winter to warm your vehicle while being sure your doors are locked and safe. Come in or call our sales staff here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill if you want to look into what vehicles offer this and whether you are interested in this feature.

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