t’s a known fact to most drivers that when the temperature outside is below freezing it becomes increasingly more difficult to start your ignition and have everything warm up efficiently.

Why are there issues with starting my vehicle?


Batteries within cold or winter weather produce less electrical power due to the cold freezing the chemicals within it. If your battery won’t hold a charge anymore, it is recommended to replace the part entirely. We here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill carry many batteries for numerous Nissan vehicles.

 Engine Oil

Engine oil becomes thicker within the winter. With thicker oil in your engine, it cannot flow as well as it should, making it harder to lubricate your engine, hence making it less effective. 

Fuel Lines

Sometimes there could be water within the fuel lines which can freeze while in below freezing conditions. While this shouldn’t happen, this could occur. With frozen fuel lines, it blocks the flow of fuel to the engine. Also diesel gas can “gel” in the winter which makes it much slower to flow.


Service your vehicle in the winter

An excellent way to prevent any difficulties in turning on your vehicle while its cold out is to regularly go get it serviced. It is especially important to get it serviced within the winter to make sure it is all running they way it should be and having it ready for any harsh winter weather. Come into our dealership Alta Nissan Richmond Hill to see what promotions we currently have within our service department that can save you money on your service.


Keep it warm

If available, keep your vehicle in your garage at night where it is significantly warmer than in a driveway or the side of the road. Keeping your vehicle warmer can make turning on your ignition easier from not being so exposed to the winter elements during the night.

Use the correct oil

You can check your owners manual to check what type of oil you should use for cold conditions, or you can even come in and we here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill can assist you in identifying the best oil for you. While you’re in as well we can perform an oil change to the new oil as well!

 Turning it on

Turn everything off

It is a good idea to turn everything electric off before turning on the ignition. So the headlights, radio and anything else using electricity should be turned off to let the battery use the energy for just the engine to start.

Turn the key and let it go for a FEW SECONDS

When you do turn the key let it go for only a few seconds. If it starts up then great! If it doesn’t after a few seconds, stop turning the key. You don’t want the motor to overheat by turning the key for too long. Wait a few minutes afterwards and try again, hopefully from your initial try, things may have loosened up and make it easier to start this time.


Need a Jump Start?

If you turn the key and the car does absolutely nothing, then there’s a good chance you have a dead battery. We actually wrote a step by step guide on how to jump start your vehicle within another article where you can find here.

Lots of older vehicles will have more difficulty to start up within cold weather and conditions. With aged parts and an old engine with less advancements than vehicles made today, it becomes harder to maintain in the winter. Maybe it’s time to switch out the hassle for a new 2019 model with better features to help you better within the cold. A newer engine, stronger control, and sleeker amenities within change your mornings in the cold from draining to fun. You can come in or see online our inventory of many excellent 2019 Nissan vehicles that can cut through the cold of winter like never before!
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