Nissan ProPilot Assist is a driving aid that allows drivers to keep a set speed and distance from other vehicles without having to accelerate, turn or brake physically. Essentially, it can be seen as an advanced cruise control. However, unlike regular cruise control where it just sets a specific speed, ProPilot actually detects the vehicle in front and sets its speed accordingly to the flow of traffic when it slows. This is a huge stress reliever in drivers arms and legs when they do morning and nightly commutes everyday.

ProPilot Assist does the hard work while the driver stays stress free but carefully watching. While it is just an aid, it is not fully autonomous just yet. The driver still needs to have both hands on the wheel and still has to be attentive to the road. If you fail to keep your hands on the wheel you’ll get a warning beep. If you don’t respond, the system taps the brake. If you still don’t get your hands back on the wheel, Nissans ProPilot Assist slowly brings the car to a stop and sets the emergency flashers.

While steering with ProPilot on, you are able to lightly have your hands hold the wheel while it makes the small adjustments for you. It just handles the tedious everyday elements like, staying in your lane, keeping up with stop and go traffic and keeping a specific speed. It uses a forward-facing camera, radar sensors, and an electronic control module to lend you a hand on the road by watching your surroundings in real time. While pressing the ProPilot Assist button on your steering wheel, you engage its systems to keep you in the lane, up to speed and at a safe distance all at once. However, for lane changing, and actual turns you must physically move the wheel yourself.
Nissan Pro Pilot Assist is part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility driving innovations. You can find out more about Intelligent Mobility here:

Intelligent Driving Intelligent Power Intelligent Integration Intelligent Mobility Overview

It is recommended when the weather conditions are too dangerous, to not engage the ProPilot but instead be fully in control of the vehicle. While there is snow covering the lanes, the lane assistance won’t be able to see and keep the vehicle in the lane so you will manually have to do it yourself. Also, if the weather is too thick with snow there could be an issue of seeing what is in front of you, so it is also recommended that you do not rely on ProPilot to stop for you while in traffic with heavy conditions.

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