Even though it is still possible to see and even drive with only one headlight, it is still highly dangerous and actually illegal as well. With reduced vision at night you become a danger to you and others around you when you cannot fully see on the road. Less light means less visibility in front of you which can be hazardous. An officer has the choice to pull over drivers with only one headlight at any time.

It is considered an offence in Canada to have only one headlight working while operating a vehicle, since both are required for seeing properly. It also an offence to have one or more lights out in the rear and license plate light as well. If you have any burnt out lights, an officer can pull you over and give you a warning with a recommendation to change the bulb or even give you a ticket. Most officers would give you a warning to change the bulb soon, but there is always a chance you can get a ticket as well if you were possibly driving with it out for an extended period of time. If for a second time you are pulled over and your bulb is still not changed, you could be fined with a larger fine.

The best way to avoid all of this is to not allow yourself to drive with a light out. You should change out your headlight bulbs as soon as they go out or by 20,000 kms. Avoid the risk and the chance of facing an officer by checking on your lights from time to time by flashing them and if you notice your light is out, you can come to Alta Nissan Richmond Hill where we can not only provide you the new bulb, but instal it as well.
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