Driving in severe weather can increase your risk of danger significantly, especially if the weather is high winds with any mixture of snow, rain or etcetera. While driving in these conditions it is important to remember to take these conditions seriously and drive cautiously. In this short article are tips for you to drive defensively against these hazardous conditions.

Expect strong gusts of wind

A strong gust of wind can surprise anyone and cause them to swerve or steer orr into another lane. If you know it is windy out, expect to adjust your steering to e wind and anticipate a push. This way you can stay within your lane even with the wind howling at your vehicle.

Firm grip on wheel

If you have developed the bad habit of using one hand on the wheel or even gripping it lightly with less than your hand, you will need to change that when driving in heavy winds. You’ll need both hands on the wheel, gripping firmly to ensure you are in control of the direction of your vehicle.

Give the road your full attention

To ensure you are focused strictly on the road and its windy conditions you need to get rid of any distractions. Your phone, food, drinks, and anything distracting you from the road.

Be cautious of other vehicles

Some drivers may not be as cautious as you and allow a swerve or practice unsafe driving habits even. It is recommended to give yourself plenty of room between other vehicles.

Give bigger vehicles space

Bigger vehicles live trucks or semi’s have more surface area where wind can push on. This means you should give them room to allow themselves to adjust to the wind and the road before them.

 White out possibility

If there is a snowfall alongside very windy conditions, there is high possibility of white out conditions. A whiteout is when the wind pushes the falling snow so quickly you aren’t able to see very far ahead of you. In these conditions we recommend that you pull over and wait for the white out to pass or to not drive at all. 

Nissan Leaf in windy weather

While you think a heavy SUV would be the best option for driving in windy conditions, a surprise contender would be the 2019 Nissan Leaf. The main reason would be that the battery and motor are located along the underside of the vehicle, not like how most engines are located in the front and leaving the backside lighter. The Leaf’s battery allows it to be weighed down on both sides. Plus, with its superbly aerodynamic body design being lower to the ground and Zero lift which makes the car more stable because there is no force pulling up and more force keeping it on the ground. Come into our dealership here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill or call us for more information on our Nissan Leaf’s.

Windy conditions are just as hazardous as other extreme conditions when not being treated with caution. Follow these tips and be safe on the roads while the winds are strong.

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