When something punctures your tire, you need to stop an assess the damages immediately. You should not drive a vehicle with a punctured tire for many reasons, the most obvious of reasons is that the air within the tire will leak out and potentially dent your rims. There are different methods to fix a punctured tire, the best two would be a plug or a patch. A plug is for when the nail or object puncturing the vehicle is vertical to the tire, sticking straight through.
If the nail or pierced object looks to be sticking straight into the tire like the photo beside this, a plug is a good temporary solution. It can be fit in the hole and held by the force of the tire and its air pressure. This is not a permanent solution however. A patch however, is a large piece of rubber that is attached to the inside of the tire over the hole. When the nail or punctured object goes into the tire more horizontally, it is better to use a patch.
If you were to use a plug for this, the air would leak out due to its awkward position being on an angle. The patch allows the entire hole to be sealed from the inside making it safer to drive with.
This procedure is better for when the nail or pierced object is on its side as seen in the photo beside this.

Both procedures can be done here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill, where we can tell you which treatment needs to be done. We’ll tell you whether it can be a quick fix or if we need to take off your rim to fix it from the inside. You want to get your punctured tires fixed as soon as possible to be on the safe side. You can blow out your tire, damage the rim and possibly much worse damage if you leave it unnoticed. If the damage is quite bad, consider buying new tires to replace the damaged ones. We have a wide variety of tires available and can order directly from Nissan Canada to provide you the best tires fit for your vehicle.

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