Debuted in 2010, the Nissan LEAF became a contender within the niche market of fully electric vehicles (EV’s). Being the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, it was able to gain some attention to its other features, other than its fully electric powersource with zero tailpipe emissions. ProPILOT semi autonomous driving system was an easy feature to promote to customers, where in single lane driving, when enabled, it will accelerate, brake, steer and move with the flow of traffic for you. Although since it is not fully autonomous, you still need to remain attentive to the road.
Today, the powertrain of the second-generation LEAF, which was debuted in 2017, produces 110 kilowatts of power and 320 Nm of torque. The LEAF recently was awarded with the first electric car in history to surpass 400,000 sales, which solidifies the model’s leading role in the global shift toward more sustainable mobility. The Nissan Energy Initiative as example is a head runner for Nissan’s new sustainability model where Nissan envisions their vehicles to be more useful to its customers by creating a electric vehicle ecosystem between the Nissan Leaf and homes, businesses, power grids, or even batteries. Sharing energy throughout three key initiatives: Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share and Nissan Energy Storage.

The number of LEAF vehicles sold since 2010 is enough to save 3.8 million barrels of oil a year. Last year, the LEAF was not only the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, but also the top-selling car of any kind in Norway. The Nissan LEAF continues to strive forward in its pursuits of a cleaner, more sustainable future with the advancements and creation of the all new Leaf. The LEAF e+ offers increased power as well as approximately 40% additional range to the battery. The Nissan LEAF embodies the three pillars of Nissan Intelligent MobilityIntelligent Power, Intelligent Drive and Intelligent Integration.

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