Slow down

The best tip to follow in almost any dangerous conditions is to slow down your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings.

Be cautious when rain follows hot, dry spells

The oil and grease on the road from dry days, mixed with the rain water can make the roads very slippery during the beginning of a rain shower. Usually it will wash away with hard enough rain but it is still a good idea to be cautious just in case.

Avoid standing water

When you drive into standing water there is an increased chance of your vehicle hydroplaning. You can also impair your vision and other drivers’ visibility by splashing through puddles. Standing water often shields potholes and debris from view as well which can be very dangerous to hit.

If you Hydroplane, don’t panic

The best tip to follow if you hydroplane is to slow down your vehicle by not accelerating and staying calm. We wrote an article on hydroplaning and specific steps to follow which you can find here.

Increase your following distance

While in traffic or following another vehicle, it is wise to increase your distance from them incase of any sudden stops which can cause your vehicle to slip and hit the vehicle in front of you. Having plenty of space means more room to brake and be prepared.

Don’t use cruise control and grip the steering wheel with both hands to maximize vehicle control

Being in full control of your vehicle’s speed is essential to safely driving within rainy conditions.

Keep your windshield wipers in shape

Faulty wiper blades leave streaks, not properly remove water and can reduce visibility in front of you. Having wiper blades in good condition are a must in rainy weather conditions. We here at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill have many quality wiper blades available for sale within our parts department.

Defog your windows

Water precipitation can often lead to fogged up windows, your front and rear defroster can easily get them defogged and leaving you with better visibility.

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