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How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Fob

At Alta Nissan in Richmond Hill, we're always ready to help our customers in any way we can, whether that involves something major like vehicle maintenance or something small like replacing a battery. Modern key fobs are easy to use, and Nissan vehicles especially have key fobs that are simple to navigate. Here’s how to replace a battery in a Nissan key fob.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob

Most Nissan key fobs use CR2025 batteries, which can be found at many electronic and online stores. To replace the battery, start by removing the hidden key from your fob. This may require pushing a button, lever, or switch that will release that key. Locate the notch between the two halves of the key fob and use a flathead screwdriver to pry the two halves apart. Pay attention to the placement of the old battery before you remove it. A flathead screwdriver or a similar tool may give you the leverage you need to pop out the old battery. Install the new battery the same way the old one was positioned. Finally, reassemble the key fob. Do you have to reprogram your key fob after you replace the battery? Fortunately, you do not. The key fob should automatically work once you install the new battery.

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