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Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights

Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights Guide in Richmond Hill, ON

Being familiar with your Nissan's dashboard warning lights is a great way to know whether you should continue driving or pull over to inspect your vehicle. Different types of warning lights have different levels of severity, making it important to know the difference to keep your Nissan running right and avoid preventable damage. To have your Nissan's warning light checked or to ask any questions about your Nissan's warning lights, make sure to contact us at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill.

Dashboard Warning Lights & What They Mean

Check Engine

The check engine light can indicate various faults with your Nissan's vital systems, varying in severity. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Service Centre to have your check engine light scanned and diagnosed to avoid possible issues.

Service Soon | Alta Nissan Richmond Hill

Service Soon

This light indicates that your vehicle needs service.

Anti-Lock Brakes | Alta Nissan Richmond Hill

Anti-Lock Brakes

Give your Nissan six seconds, and if this light remains on the dash, you have a problem with the ABS.

Security | Alta Nissan Richmond Hill


This light is a security feature that indicates that your ignition is locked. Use the unlock button to turn it off.

Overdrive/Sport| Alta Nissan Richmond Hill


When you put your Nissan into sport mode, this light will illuminate.

Coolant Temperature | Alta Nissan Richmond Hill

Coolant Temperature

The coolant symbol indicates that your Nissan's coolant level is low and requires additional coolant to avoid overheating.

Parking Brake and brake fluid warning light

Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light

When the parking brake is on, this light will stay on, but if the light stays on for more than six seconds without the parking brake is on, then you need to check the brake fluid level.

Wiper Fluid

The wiper fluid light indicates that your Nissan needs more fluid added.

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The engine oil pressure warning light is serious and requires immediate action since your engine can be low on oil or is experiencing a major issue.


Having an issue with battery voltage can illuminate the battery light, which can occur for various reasons.

Transmission Overheating

The transmission overheating light is another serious warning that you should stop driving and have your Nissan checked.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The TPMS light indicates that a tire or more requires air since its low on pressure.

Cruise Control

When cruise control is on, this light will illuminate.