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Oil and Filter Change

Oil and Filter Change at Alta Nissan in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Oil and Filter Change at Alta Nissan in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The engine of your vehicle works very hard to keep your vehicle running. It is subject to harsh conditions like dusty roads and temperature variations. That's why an oil and filter change is necessary to prevent early wear of engine components, detect potential anomalies, and drive safely. We offer the best oil and filter change services at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill. Contact us to schedule an appointment to have your oil and filter changed with us today, our expert in-house technicians will have you back on the road in working order in no time. You can also visit our service centre to learn more about our services.

How do I Check my Oil?

The first thing is to ensure your vehicle is parked on level ground and the engine cold so that you don't get burned. The next thing is to open the hood of the car and get the dipstick. Pull the dipstick from the engine and wipe out any oil from the end. Insert the dipstick back into the tube and push it all the way in and pull it back out. If the oil is below the minimum mark, then you need to add oil.

How Do I Know if my Oil and Filter Need to be Replaced?

There are several ways of knowing whether you need your oil and filter replaced. The first and most obvious hint is if the oil change or engine light is illuminated on your dash. This usually means that the engine oil needs to be topped up or replaced. The other major sign that you need to replace your oil and filter is dirty oil. Clean oil is amber in colour. As you continue to use your vehicle, it gets filled with particles that make it darker and less effective. When checking your oil as outlined above, ensure that it is a light amber colour and not a black or burnt colour. For the engine filter, check the owner's manual to find out when your vehicle requires you to get it changed. The recommended time is between 20,000 and 24,000 kilometres.

What Happens if I Don't Change my Oil?

The engine oil offers a protective layer between engine parts. This helps the engine remain quiet by avoiding metal-to-metal brushing. The engine will start making unusual noise if the oil is not lubricating the parts effectively. This can lead to costly damages to your engine, and it is essential that you get regular oil changes. The recommended time between oil changes is about every six months or 5,000 kilometres. If your car takes full-synthetic motor oil, then you should get it changed at least once a year or every 12,000 kilometres.

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