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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Nissan Today!

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Why Buy a Used Nissan?

Why Buy a Used Nissan in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Why Buy a Used Nissan?

Buying a used vehicle is popular among car shoppers due to lower prices and increased reliability. Nissan is one of the most popular car manufacturers globally, and it's no wonder why so many people love them. With bold styling, consistent performance, and a wide range of standard and available features across their models, they are a popular choice to buy both new and used. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of purchasing a used Nissan. Then, browse our pre-owned inventory to pick out a quality used Nissan from us at Alta Nissan Richmond Hill.

Why Buy a Used Nissan in Richmond Hill, Ontario?

There are many benefits to purchasing a used Nissan. Here are just a few:

Lower Price

Nissan is known for offering competitive pricing on its vehicles to give customers the best bang for their buck. This is especially true for used Nissans as they are considerably cheaper than their new counterparts. This, paired with our comprehensive used financing rates, means that you can own a quality used Nissan in no time.

Less Depreciation

A new vehicle is known to depreciate quickly as soon as it leaves the lot. This is one of the many reasons financial experts encourage people to buy used cars instead. When buying a car that is a few years used already, the depreciation rate is much slower, meaning that you can reap the benefits of the vehicle after its already taken its biggest hit in value.


Modern Nissan vehicles are built to last. In the past, it may have been more of a risk to buy used due to technology not being as advanced and mechanical and technical parts not lasting as long. Now, you can be confident that vehicles that are a few years old and have some mileage on them should last you for quite a while.

Nissan's CPO Program

Nissan offers a certified pre-owned program to promote confidence and peace of mind when buying a used Nissan. This means that if you buy a Nissan less than six years old that has less than 125,000 km, we will conduct a complete review of the vehicle's history and a 167-point vehicle inspection.

Lower Fees

The savings don't stop at the lowered sticker price. Experience further savings when buying used with cheaper insurance and registration fees as both are based on your vehicle's sale price.

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